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    Dishwashers Comparison VoC Report (Bosch vs. Siemens)

    The following report aims to provide insights into how the analyzed products compare to each other based on customer ratings and reviews to help brands understand what consumers are looking for when buying Dishwashers.

    In this report, the scope of the analysis is based on the following:

    • Bosch Serie 4 (SMV46MX03E) and Siemens iQ300 (SN436S00EE)
    • More than 3.500 ratings and reviews
    • Channels: Amazon, Otto, Boulanger, CDiscount, Darty
    • Countries: Germany and France
    • Timeframe: 2017 to June 2021

While both brands show a decline in the average rating over the past three years, Bosch has been decreasing at a faster rate than Siemens: in 2018...

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