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Welcome to CECX

The digital customer experience community for all things consumer electronics

What is CECX?

CECX (Consumer Electronics Customer Experience) is the industry deep dive for all customer-centric professionals working in the Consumer Electronics industry. It’s essentially a digital customer experience (CX) community with the mission to educate, tell stories, and share insights and best practices in consumer electronics.

We create and share unique, in-depth, and reliable business intelligence that is truly based on the voice of the customers (VoC). Our research uncovers the most relevant consumer electronics trends and the underlying drivers behind the major changes in consumer behaviorism.

By creating this rich community of knowledge, we hope you can:

  • Better understand the evolution of the consumer electronics world, particularly from the customers’ ever-changing perspectives
  • Leverage the unconventional and nuanced factual insights we produce to drive your management decision-making that will further transform the customer experience
  • Become inspired to share knowledge with other relevant leaders, initiate your own related projects, and work more and smarter with customer feedback overall

At the same time, we do not intend to act as news reporters for professionals to stay up to date. But, of course, any industry leader is welcome to provide feedback on our content by contacting us here. After all, we are all about customer feedback analysis.


The Consumer Electronics industry is constantly evolving as new consumer behaviors and technologies emerge.

With so much going on in our current digital transformation era, such as big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc., it’s now imperative, more than ever, for brands to deeply understand consumers because the buyers have the power, not the seller.

CECX is an initiative based mainly on the idea that we wanted to create an online hub of rich information sharing. A crossroad, if you will, where customer experience and consumer electronics meet, via publishing original research and insights every week to address the growing audience of customer-centric organizations.

Who created CECX?

We are experts in consumer electronics and the customer experience because the voice of the customer is at the heart of everything we do. Customer data is our bread and butter.

CECX is led by the Research & Business Intelligence team of Wonderflow’s CX community, a networking branch of the organization that strives to bring together industry innovators and changemakers with accurate and authentic content. Specifically, we are a team of customer-centric professionals who have developed highly trustworthy and reliable analytics using the most advanced artificial intelligence to understand the customer deeply.

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